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August 01, 2019

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data released today reveals a shocking statistic – that the number of people holding four or more jobs has doubled in just the last year.
According to the figures, a woman working four or more jobs is $800 a year worse off than the year before.
This data exposes the pressure households are facing under the Morrison Government. 

The figures show that people under the age of 30 are the most likely to hold more than one job with one in four people aged under 30 working multiple jobs.
This comes on top of a youth unemployment rate, more than double the national unemployment average at 12 per cent.

Under the Liberals, Australians aren’t earning enough money so they are resorting to taking up multiple jobs just to get by.

As Treasurer and now Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has presided over the lowest wages growth since records began, and yet he wants to further cut the wages of hard working Australians by getting rid of their penalty rates. 

Serious structural issues in the labour market continue under this Liberal Government with increasing insecure work, soaring underemployment and growing levels of youth unemployment along with stagnant wages growth.
Economic growth is slowing down, wages are stagnant and this government is pretending there is no problem.
The Liberals need to spend less time fighting amongst themselves over Newstart and more time creating decent, stable jobs for Australians.

This Government has no plans to grow wages and strengthen the economy. That’s why so many Australian’s are now resorting to taking up multiple jobs.