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August 09, 2018

A Shorten Labor Government will improve efficiency in the Australian Public Service and end the Liberals’ wasteful spending, while boosting service delivery and jobs.

Labor will not proceed with the remaining 0.5 per cent additional efficiency dividend next financial year.

Our $394 million investment will save an estimated 550 jobs and ensure valuable experience, expertise and corporate memory is retained within the public service.

Labor will offset our decision not to proceed with the additional efficiency dividend by cracking down on significant blowouts in contractors and consultants on the Liberals’ watch, as well as spending on travel.

Our commitments will help ensure the public service offers taxpayers bang for their buck and delivers the quality services all Australians rely on.

Analysis of the AusTender website shows the Government has more than tripled labour hire spending, from $307.6 million in its first year in 2013-14, to more than $1.1 billion in 2017-18.

We’ll address the Liberals’ wasteful spending on contractors and consultants by reining in contracts for management, businesses professionals and administrative services, and agencies will ensure APS employees take on a greater role in IT projects.

Where appropriate, Labor wants the work of the public service to actually be done by public servants.

The Liberals’ stunning false economy means one perceived saving on public servants ends up costing taxpayers much more in consultants and contractors.

On travel, Labor will reduce travel spending across the public service by 10 per cent.

Despite record and growing debt and public service numbers being slashed under this Government, travel spending has climbed to well over half-a-billion dollars a year.

Travel is often beneficial and necessary, but more can be done to get spending under control, including a greater focus on alternatives such as tele and video conferencing.