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January 21, 2021

Today’s ABS Labour Force figures confirm that while there is recovery in the jobs market, there are still too many Australians unemployed or underemployed with no plans from the Morrison Government to help those looking for work.

While we welcome the increase in employment, there are also almost 2.1 million Australians who are unemployed or looking for more work.

Despite this increase in employment, for the year to December, the number of unemployed people rose by more than 220,000.

The December ABS Labour Force figures confirm that:

• 912,000 Australians are unemployed.
• 1,181,100 workers are underemployed.
• There are still 93,100 fewer jobs than in February 2020, before Covid-19 struck.

While parts of the economy are recovering, there are many sectors and Australian workers that are still struggling.

What looks like a recovery on paper still feels like a recession to many Australians. For this to be the right kind of recovery, we need to make sure that there's job security and wages growth for ordinary working families.

It is not a good enough recovery if it leaves people stranded in joblessness, underemployment or on weak wages, which mean they can't provide for their families.

With the unemployment rate not expected to return to its pre-crisis level within four years, Scott Morrison doesn’t have a goal to achieve full employment, let alone a plan to realise it.

Australians need and deserve a plan from the Morrison Government to promote growth, protect and create jobs, support business and set us all up for the recovery.